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Management at Mulbadaw in 2006: Halvdan Jakobsen and Bernhard Majanga in front of the administrative building of the Mulbadaw- farm.

What I belive in

Managing director of HDC, Halvdan Jakobsen, clearifies his personal strategies and his role in HDC.

HDC = Haydom Development Company Ltd.

HLH = Haydom Lutheran Hospital

FoH = (The Foundation) Friends of Haydom

About the conflict HDC vs. SHV/FoH

Josephine’s story 

The medical students who lost their HLH- grants:

Haydom- director Olsens letter to Fanuel. D Bellet


Fanuel D. Bellets request for help to Halvdan Jakobsen

  IuIssues in the conflict HDC vs. HLH/FoH:

The unilateral physical take-over of Mulbadaw Farm and Central Maintenance and Service Centre by order from the  Foundation Friends of Haydom in Norway; without producing any court injunction or any legal document authorizing such a take-over.

The conduct of the chairman of the Board of Directors of Haydom Development Company Ltd; his lack of loyalty to lawful decisions made by the Board in 2006 and his unauthorized and secret dealings with Joseph Tadayo leading up to the unilateral physical take-over mentioned above.

The deceit by FoH in fulfilling their own board decision of October 2005 in financing HDC Ltd

The lack of registration of the entity running Mulbadaw Farm and Central Maintenance and Service Centre after 12th August 2006; how can a foreign foundation own and run businesses in Tanzania without being registered in Tanzania?

The suspicion of corruption aimed at avoiding the case to be considered by the court.

Read more about the conflict here.



The conflict

There is a conflict between Haydom Development Company Ltd. (HDC) on one side and Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH) and Friends of Haydom (FoH) on the other side. The conflict is about who is the right and lawful owner the Mulbadaw- farm and the connected Central Maintenance Service Center (CMSC) in the Hanang District, Manyara Region of Tanzania.

12th August 2006:  Friends of Haydom (FoH), making use of the security guards at Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH) and others, armed with “rungu,” took physical control of Mulbadaw Farm and CMSC.  No court injunctions at the time or later can justify the unilateral takeover.

Read about the conflict here.



The Mulbadaw neighbours have developed a strategy in order to bring HDC back to the Mulbadaw farm and CMSC. In that connection they have asked the managing director of HDC, Halvdan Jakobsen, to make a statement about how HDC would run the properties if HDC sholud be back. Read the statement here. (Published 14.09.2016)
My impression from what I heard in Dajamaeda is that the relationship between the management at Mulbadaw and their neighbours is bad.  However, the present management at Mulbadaw has been good at establishing and maintaining a good relationship with elected political leaders and with senior officers at District and Regional level. 

Read the latest report from the Managing Director of HDC here. (Published 08.03.2016)

A strong plea from inhabitants of Deajammeda village: Give us back the Mulbadaw farm. The villagers problems has been compounded by alleged harassment by the management of the farm. This according to a new article in "The Citizen".

Read more here. (Published 28.12.2015)

The honorable Dr Mary Nagu, Minister at the Prime Minister's Office -Investment and Empowerment, demands the owners of the Mulbadaw farm to undertake the following actions:
Stop spraying the fields by airplane with weed killing solutions.
Pay compensation to the African neighbors for their economical loss.
Try to build better relations with the African neighbors.

Read more here. (Published 17.01.2015)

Corruption at HLH during the Olsen administration is now documented. This strengthens our suspicion of corruption aimed at avoiding the case to be considered by the court. Read more here.

(Published 14.12.2014)  

The Citizen: "Wheat farms lie idle for decade". Government repossession?  Read the newspaper article here.

(Published 10.05.2013)

Lack of transparency about the Mulbadaw farm registered in a Marster's Thesis from 2011 with the title:  "Haydom Lutheran Hospital: A Sustainable Health-Providing Organization or a ‘White Elephant’?" Read more here.

(Published 07.05.2013)

Who owns the Mulbadaw farm? Is it FoH, HDF, HLH or Olav Myklatun. Read more here.

(Published 07.05.2013)

East African Bribery Index 2011 and HDC. HDC Ltd has been given information that indicates corruption in connection with the court case. Given the new Bribery Index this should be no surprise for anyone. Read more here. (Published 25.10.2011)

Norwegian or Tanzanian ownership over the Mulbadaw farm? HDC has reason to believe that HLHFD, who claims to own the farm, is controlled by Norwegians. Read more here.

(Published 08.08.2011)

Olsen family member claims Olsen family had not “approved any proposal to become permanent Trustees of a possible Foundation”. If so who did, and what protests came from the Olsen family? Read more here.

(Published 30.10.2010)

Misleading Olsen picture. A large picture put on display in a prominent position at HLH states that Ole Halgrim E. Olsen was the Medical Director (at HLH) from 1961 until 2005. This is not true. Read more here.

(Published 11.08.10)

Open dialog and financing HDC wants an open dialog with all stakeholders in the ownership conflict. We also are prepared to negotiate with HLH, FoH, ELCT Diocese of Mbulu and others in order to find a sustainable solution to the fiancing problem.  Read more here.

(Published 01.08.2010)

"SWOT"- analysis (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) based on a possible situation where Haydom Development Company Ltd, (HDC) is owning and managing the Central Maitenance and Service Centre and the Mulbadaw farm. Read the analyssis here.

(Published 01.08.2010)


The FoH methods. FoH have clearly demonstrated their will to use force and threaten with violence. Unfortunately the subject of bribes and corruption seems to become relevant again. Read more here.

(Published 10.07.2010)


FoH threats: The present manager of the Mulbdaw farm came during morning prayers on 7th July 2010 with threats about how to keep HDC Ltd away from Mulbadaw. However, in 10 points HDC Ltd argues to be the rightful owner of the Mulbadaw farm. Read more here.

(Published 08.07.2010)

Haydom and emotions. Nobody should be very surprised that HDC Ltd sympathises with ELCT Mbulu Diocese when FoH in Norway is trying to take control over Haydom Lutheran Hospital in the same manners as they took Mulbadaw and CMSC from HDC Ltd.

Read the comments of the director of HDC, Halvdan Jakobsen.   

(Published 23.06.2010)

Dr Olav Espegren is the new Managing Medical Director at HLH. HDC Ltd. would like to wish Dr Olav Espegren welcome as the new Managing Medical Director at HLH. We look forward to a good and constructive cooperation. Read more here.

(Pubslished 10.06.2010)

An invitation from HDC Ltd to ELCT, Mubulu diocese, to try to solve the unfortunate conflict and to secure good management of the involved properties (Mulbadaw farm and CMSC).  It is unfair and unfortunate that the ELCT Mbulu Diocese, as the owner of HLH and employer of some of the Norwegian individuals involved in the illegal physical overtaking of the properties, became part in a case still pending in the Courts. Read the invitation here.

(Published 08.06.2010)

Closer to a solution of the conflict?
The agreement between HLH and FoH mentioned below shows that after nearly four years no legal and formal Tanzanian company to own and run the Mulbadaw farm has been established by the Norwegians in control of the farm. This together with the possibility of a new administration at HLH, arise a new hope for a solution of the conflict between HDC and the Norwegians controlling the farm. Read comments by HDC here

(Published 29.05.2010)

Mulbadaw Farm, CMSC and Water Line System: Agreement between Haydom Lutheran Hospital and Friends of Haydom. 

Read the agreement here (Word - 97-file). Comments by HDC here

(Published 10.05.2010)

Transparency is a strategy to prevent misuse of power.

There is an ongoing battle over control and ownership to HLH.

Now it's mandatory that church leaders in ELCT learn from the fate of HDC Ltd and don't give in to pressure. Read the comments of the director of HDC, Halvdan Jakobsen.   

(Published 18.04.2010)

ELCT must have the full control over HDF

Maybe it's a good idea to transfer the ownership of HLH to a foundation. However it's mandatory that this foundation and its Board of Trustees are fully controlled and elected by a Tanzanian institution, as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT), Mbulu Diocese.  Read more here.  

(Published 21.03.2010.)

Full Norwegian control over HLH? 

One distinguished member from the Foundation Friends of Haydom in Norway and the “Dr Olsen family” are proposed to take life time control of the Haydom Lutheran Hospital (HLH). If this happens, they will take away the ownwership of HLH from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) and transfer it to a new foundation controlled by the Norwegians. Read the comments of the director of HDC, Halvdan Jakobsen.


How the Norwegians can take control over HLH

Read a copy of a part of the proposed constitution for Haydom Diaconical Foundation (HDF). It clearifies that all power will be in Norwegian hands for an indefinite future. You can also download the full version of the proposed constitution for HDF, Word- 97 file. 


Time to reboot?

Read the comments of Halvdan Jakobsen in connection to the fact that it's almost three years since the hostile and unilateral takover of the Mulbadaw farm by the Friends of Haydom (FoH) in Norway. 

(Published 19.07.2009)

Sad news:

It is with deep sorrow that we received news that Cecil Maruma, the lawyer employed by Haydom Development Company Ltd, died in a car accident on his way home on Monday evening 29th June 2009. Read more here.

(Published 30.06.2009)





The Hanang Mountain andHDCs wheatfield in 2006.


Haydom Development Company Ltd. (HDC)

was on the 16th of November 2004 officially incorporated under the Compaies Ordinance (Cap.212) in Tanzania. 


Objectives for HDC

Improved food security for the people in the “Haydom area” (production, training)

More intensive food production; - i.e. more efficient use of resources (production)

Economic benefit to HLH (profit from production)

Economic growth and better welfare for people in the Haydom area (training,education, services, entrepreneurship, opportunities for employment)


Read more here.