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The Jirani Bora- project: Local farmers and HDC had a common interest in a good crop on the Mulbadaw farm.  HDC Ltd and neighbours became “shareholders”; sharing the yield of wheat.

HDC = Haydom Development Company Ltd.

HLH = Haydom Lutheran Hospital

FoH = (The Foundation) Friends of Haydom

About the conflict HDC vs. SHV/FoH

Josephine’s story 

The medical students who lost their HLH- grants:

Haydom- director Olsens letter to Fanuel. D Bellet


Fanuel D. Bellets request for help to Halvdan Jakobsen



Visions, objectives and targets

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HDC Ltd:  Objectives, Targets and Planned Activities 





 and Development


Farmers Family

Training Centre

FOOD PRODUCTION: Grain production: 3000-5000 tonnes  annually    
CREDIT FOR: Intensive short courses in topics of importance to member of families living in the area.
  farm inputs
    food stores
CROP RESEARCH Improved yields of grains and crop diversification   housing  
  farm based business as: WATER MANAGEMENT micro catchment, dams, 
AGRO FORESTRY Establishement of Green Corridor; sustaianble production systems     food processing  FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Irrigated crops, intensive production, cash crops
    bee-keeping; honey processing
LIVESTOCK PRODUCTION on-farm pilot unit for development milk production in the district EDUCATION AND TRAINING - linked to the credit schemes and/or external support NUTRITION AND FOOD PREPARATION "Home Economics": Nutrition, food quality, preservation and processing
DAIRY GOAT BREEDING Better nutrition, income: Targeting families, small scale farmers HEALTH INSURANCES linked to credit schemes; hosptial fund, medical care (HLH)  


Empowerment; -building local institutions
DAIRY Development objective: Supplying markets with dairy products LIFE INSURANCES linked to credit schemes
TRAINING OPERATORS OF FARM MACHINERY HDC employees and others; repair and maintenance of farm tools and equipment



On-farm water-harvesting; robust productionsystem for unpredictable rainfall
TRAINING:  GOAT BREEDING  Breeding of dairy goats, animal health and nutrition