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Halvdan Jakobsen and a rehab. team at Central Maintenance Service Centre.

HDC = Haydom Development Company Ltd.

HLH = Haydom Lutheran Hospital

FoH = (The Foundation) Friends of Haydom

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Haydom- director Olsens letter to Fanuel. D Bellet


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What I belive in

By Managing Director of HDC, Halvdan Jakobsen:

My strategies

Already from my first assignment in East Africa in 1972, at Makerere University with responsibilities at the University Farm Kabanyolo I was convinced that the people I work with on site possess the foundation of experience to build the future on; my role is to make use of it and add relevant competence from wherever it is available.  Words like “participatory approach” and expressions like “building local ownership” have later been put on this strategy by politicians of development.  I strongly believe in identifying, developing, and making use of relevant local competence as the major strategy for sustainable development, as opposite to importing “experts” and also as opposite to creating job opportunities for relatives and friends of people locally in position.  Occasionally, this principle has caused me difficulties.

I also believe in setting ambitious targets and in creating enthusiasm for achieving such targets; developing and acquiring the skills and resources needed along the path to achievements.

My role

When I agreed to take on the responsibility as a Managing Director it was with a commitment to implement the objectives and strategies laid down in the Project Document, which I myself had put on paper.  I assume that the development commitment expressed in the Project Document was a major reason for accepting the bids for the purchases, as there were bidders offering higher prices.  When signing the Purchase Agreements for Mulbadaw Farm on 11th February and CMSC on 22nd November 2005 respectively I further committed myself to play my role in making HDC Ltd the motor for development which I had described in the Project Documents.

I believe that I have relevant experience for contributing significantly to the development envisaged; having played various roles in development activities for more than 35 years both in West- and East Africa; with longest experience from Tanzania.  I further believe that this experience was the major reason for the late Dr Ole Halgrim Evjen Olsen’s  repeated requests during several years for taking on the responsibilities I eventually agreed to; resulting in becoming the Managing Director of Haydom Development Company Ltd.


Halvdan Jakobsen: Agriculturist with extended experience since 1972 from agricultural research and development in West- and East Africa; in particular from Tanzania. He speaks fluent swahili. Ministry of Agriculture and Food/County Directors Office, Vest-Agder , Norway . H. Jakobsen is the managing director of HDC and the chief editor of the HDC web-site. E- mail: h.jakobsen@haydom-dc.com